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Exploring Katikankanjoni with Glenn Murray, The Nordic Tourist

February 13, 2021

Meet Glenn Murray, The Nordic Tourist, who will be my collaborator during the upcoming season of Explore Finland Radio Show. In this episode, Glenn introduces me to Katikankanjoni in Finland's Wild West, a natural canyon with running water all year round, even during months of sub-zero temperatures.

Katikan kanjoni is located in the area near the Kauhanevan-Pohjankangas National Park in Etelä-Pohjanmaa. This podcast recording has a companion video, in which Glenn and I visit Katikankanjoni. This is published on The Nordic Tourist YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/mDcnqx-DQGc

Check out Glenn's VLOG, as we walk through the area to show what the canyon has to offer; beautiful Nordic winter wilderness travel hikes and wonderful ice waterfalls. It really shows that the landscape in the Southern Ostrobothnia region in Finland (Suomi) is more diverse than people believe.

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